Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hi Mom,

It's really fun out here in CA.  I've already taught 4 lessons and I asked this 20 year old guy to be baptized.  His name is Nick Ramos & he said he will!  So on the 23rd he will be getting baptized.  But, I don't know if he said it just to say it, so we will see.  He has to come to church 3 times first.

My camera broke so if you could send me a new one before I go to Africa that would be greatly appreciated.  Like I said, we use i pads out here & we have every member, investigator, less active, potential investigator on there.  It's pretty cool.  I've biked like 10 miles already and I have a sunburn on my neck & arms & face.  We also walk everywhere.  Oh and the first day I was here we did a service project.  We carried mud down a mtn for 6 hours.  It was oddly fun.

Keep hanging out with Annie and let her know you care.

I don't have much time so I have to go.   Love you!

Elder B

Email story we received on Monday..03/11/14
Well there is a member named Johnathan Starr and he took me and Elder Diehl out to dinner one night.  He started telling us all about his mission and how fun it was.  Then he was like "Here's a money pouch that I got in Australia on my mission".  It was like leather and it was way soft so I put it up to my face to feel the softness on my cheek.  Then bro. Starr was all like "Elder Bradford, you just put kangaroo scrotum on your cheek"  Lol
My Comp is prtety cool.  He is kinda a nerd and sometimes he is awkward but it's ok.  I am in Covina.  It isn't that ghetto.  It's like every race mixed together. Church is fun.  My biggest challenge is people thinking they are funny every time they make a tall joke, I've heard the same ones like 50 times so far.

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