Monday, March 17, 2014


Hi Mom,

I'm loving it out here in Covina, CA.  Everyone here is so nice.  I've already committed two investigators to be baptized!  One of them won't do it I don't think.  Daniel Paddock is getting baptized by his brother, David, who the missionaries before me baptized a month or so ago.  His baptism is going to be held this Saturday at 4:00.  It's gonna be awesome to see!

Anyways there is this member names Johnathan Starr!  He is awesome.  He took us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and afterwards he was telling us about his mission to Australia and he showed me the Money pouch he got there.  He proceeded to tell us that it was mad of kangaroo scrotum.  Hahahaha.  It was so funny.  He's my favorite member.  He has a way nice house and a huge pool.

Elder Diehl is my comp.  Pronounce Elder Deal.  He is pretty cool   He has taught me a lot so far.  Every person I meet makes a "tall" comment.  It's annoying.

Hope everything is good @home.  Send me packages.  Love you

Elder B.

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