Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Done with MTC...on to the real world

Top Pic is Brother Bastian(teacher), #2 pic is Brother Starkey (Justin's Favorite teacher),#3 Justin's MTC Companions, #4 Elder Justin Bradford and Elder Jayden Whitehead.  They have been friends since 6th grade.

03/04/14  Today we received the phone call from Justin while at the airport.   He currently has a cold but he sounds great.   He saw 6 of his friends while in the MTC.  He played basketball everyday with Elder Justin David ?  from Texas.  So funny that he found the only other Justin David in the MTC! It was his twin except he was black.   The food in the MTC isn't as great as everybody says but there is a lot of it.   Elder Smith, who is also going to Kenya, is also going to the Arcadia mission to wait for his visa.  Justin hopes his companion is not a Beavis.   Dave, via Provo Bakery, sent some treats last Tuesday and Justin said everybody in the MTC got a donut:)  Justin said his bags were a bit overweight but the airlines didn't charge him.  (already getting blessings by being obedient)  Isn't he so freaking CUTE!!!!  Notice...every single picture he is happy!    He is on his way to changing lives!

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