Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The one thing I am still trying to figure out is how to influence people to use their agency in a righteous way.  Ever body makes choices on their own, but it is just so frustrating watching our investigators make the wrong choices.   Elder Diehl and i do all we can to influence them and help them decide to come to church, read, pray, etc but when they don't do those things, it just frustrates me.   So that is something I have been studying over the past few weeks.  We're trying to let the Holy Ghost influence them more than we do, so hopefully we can improve with that.

My Shoulder from my bike wreck is swollen underneath the muscle or something and I have tendinitis but the Dr. said it should go away in about 3 weeks.

I wrote this song to help me convert people.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This week went very well.  Elder Diehl and I went to Catholic Mass.  We were having a lesson with Ron and his mom came and was like, "Let's go!"  So, we hopped in her car and we went with her to her church.  It was soooo different.  It was all dark inside.  I don't see how the Holy Ghost could work his magic in there.  They are literally obsessed with the cross.  It was good though.  I liked the music and it was good to get some perspective.  Now we have a reason to talk to all the Catholic people!

I also crashed my bike and landed directly on my shoulder and it is swollen and it's all purple so we are going to the doctor today in a little while.

Thanks for the Easter package!  It was Great!  I liked all the treats and stuff.  Elder Diehl also enjoyed it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I didn't get to email much last week because I was playing basketball.  Ron has committed to baptism and he is going to get baptized in the first week of May.  He is one of the nicest guys and he is so funny.  We have grown a sincere friendship over the past few weeks.  We also set Nick up with a baptismal date.  he is having problems with church attendance but I think when his band breaks up he will be able to make it.  Still no news on my visa.

We helped this guy load his truck because he was moving.

I made an LDS toaster Strudel.
 Elder Diehl learned how to make a pie.
Yeah, the scriptures are cool.  I like when I can tell that people feel the spirit.  Ron has a few friends in the ward but we have a lot of dinners with him scheduled this week so he will get some more.   I haven't bitten my fingernails in 2 days.

I feel right at home.
And here is a picture of my district.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

03/31/14 email

Totally felt two EARTHQUAKES this week.  It was crazy.  We were sitting at the church and all of the sudden the whole building started to shake.  It was scary but it was the coolest thing ever.  Haha.  Went to the LA temple which was awesome.  This week was awesome.  There was a sign that read "free books" outside of someone's house so Elder Diehl and I put a Book of Mormon on top.  LOL.  We had dinner with some philipinos and they gave us this chicken and it was so amazingly tasty.  Bought Ukuleles last week and I have already learned to play I am a Child of God, Over the Rainbow and I'm yours by Jason Mraz.  The ukuleles make it so much easier to talk to people because they are a great conversation piece.   We are going to Ron's tonight to ask him to be baptized.  He came to church and said he loved it so hopefully he is ready to get DUNKED.