Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Have you heard of Baloot?   The egg that has a chicken or a duck already formed inside.  We eat a Filipinos home and they serve Baloot.  Here is a picture.  It's good.  It tastes like egg drop soup from Lucky 5.

Bridget asked "Is being a Missionary a lot different than you thought it would be?"   Justin's response:  "Yeah, It's fun!  I thought it would be boring.   I'm tired always and my feet hang off the bed.  Like a foot off the bed, no pun intended.

On June 16th the Anaheim Angles are having a mormon night.  We don't get to go though because it is out of our mission.

So there are lot of Mexican people down here.  We are trying to serve people to build trust so every time we ask the Mexicans if we can help they always say "No habla English"  Well, you know how I took all that Spanish in high school and I can speak pretty good?  When they say that I say the exact same thing in Spanish to them and they get this shocked look on their face and usually start speaking English.  It is pretty funny.

We met a man who owned his own business and is very successful and was all normal and he said he would like to have us come over and teach him.  We were excited.  When we got to his house and started to teach him he stopped us and started telling us about how the aliens live among us already and are going to send for more aliens and that we don't need to really worry about religion because the aliens are going to take over our souls.  Not as normal as we thought.
Elder Diehl, Studying

Do you like the sign?

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