Monday, May 19, 2014


Last night we met this lady and she said she was raised in the church but when she was 16 something happened and she thought God didn't care about her.   She didn't say what happened, but she was very emotional about it.   She kept yelling "where was God that night?"  "He wasn't there and I hate him for that."  Stuff like that, so we explained to her that God puts us through trials and things to mold us and shape us into the people that he wants us to become.  She was very distraught at this time and we offered to give her a priesthood blessing.  She accepted and asked if I would give the blessing.  It was one of the most powerful things I've ever been a part of, I could feel God's presence there.  It was awesome.  Afterwards, she sat there and slowly her tears dried and she said "I feel peaceful."  We asked her to say a prayer.  She hadn't prayed for 30+ years and she did.  She said she felt like her Heavenly Father was right there with us listening.  It was extremely powerful.  It was very humbling to see God work so swiftly and meaningfully in someone's life like that.  She wants to have us over again ASAP, she says.  Last night was one of the greatest experiences I've been a part of.

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