Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Saturday was transfers.  Elder Diehl got a call at about 9:30PM and was told he is getting transferred.  he left to a place called La Puente.   I had no idea who my new companion was going to be.  He was supposed to call on Saturday night but he didn't so I couldn't sleep very well thinking about it.  Sunday after church I got a call from the assistants to the president and they said, "Elder Bradford, after much prayer and consideration you have been assigned as District Leader of the Walnut Creek District.  Elder Granado will be your companion."   Haha.  I was totally shocked, it was crazy.  So I have replaced Elder Diehl as District Leader.  I feel extremely under qualified.  I don't feel like I can instruct missionaries that have been out longer than me, so I am scared.  My first district meeting will be on Thursday about "patience".  It's going to be interesting.  Elder Granado is a short spaniard from San Antonio, TX.  He is really funny and he is a great ukulelist.  So I am pretty pumped for the next six weeks.

Also, I crashed on my bicycle once again, but this time it was a vehicles fault.  They pulled out right in front of me so I had to swerve and I fell off.  I landed directly on my bad shoulder again, so I was in a serious amount of pain for a little bit.  I am a little better now, but I just can't move my shoulder.  I have to go to the doctor for an xray soon.  Wish me luck!:)

My new companion.  We are physically opposite.

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