Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Elder Granado is a great guy and he's way funny.  He has taught me a lot of tricks on the ukelele so that's good.  We had an alright week.  We had a lesson with one of our newest investigators, Alex.   He said a prayer at the end and said he felt calm and peaceful.  He also was quoted as saying "So, the person who baptized me probably didn't have the right authority.  I understand."  So that's good.  He said he is interested in getting baptized again, the right way.  He's a great dude and he would make a great member.  He has a young family so I think he realizes this is what is best for them.

I instructed my first district meeting.  It was on patience.   I thought it went quite well and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  I have a leadership training meeting tomorrow and I get to hang out with President Becerra all day, so that's always a treat.

Being a missionary seriously rules.  It's definitely funner than a lot of things I would be doing at home.  I hope to hear from all you guys, it would be great to know what is going on in the real world.  I'm almost 4 months old.  It's flying by!

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