Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Glorious P Day

Last week was alright, ha ha.  We had a ton of let downs and such.  Right when it seemed to be going well with new investigators it kind of fizzled out or they told us straight up they weren't interested anymore.  But hey, Elder G and I will keep the faith.   I was able to score a pretty sick Nike hoodie at a yard sale for dirt cheap, so that was probably a highlight of the week.  Oh, one night we went out walking to see some people and such and we had our Uke with us and this old guy comes up to us and starts singing and dancing with us.  He then went inside to get his guitar and he started to play along with the songs we were playing, completely by ear!   It was amazing.  He was very talented.  Not interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ but a very talented musician.

We had a picnic for Pioneer day on Saturday with the whole stake.  We were able to get a new investigator there with a woman from the ward whose son just moved back from Tex and said that he wants to get baptized.  So that was probably the biggest miracle this week, his name is Raymond.  We will see how that goes.

You probably aren't very interested in these details but, what you should be interested in is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can and will  TRANSFORM you into the person that Heavenly Father wants you to be.  Follow the prophet, keep the commandments and live like Christ.  I promise that you will BECOME a divine disciple of our Father in Heaven.

Peace out 'til next week pals.  Write me back!

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