Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spanish Fork 6th ward

Thank you all for your support.  I am so grateful for everything.  I hope things are going well back there.   I just say hop because you never know with my dad in the bishopric!   haha.  Now, to all you young men and women that are considering going on a mission, do it!  It is so fun.  It is the most rewarding work out there.   I love being able to see the Lord's hand have a lasting chance on someone's life.

Second the gospel blesses families!  one of the biggest evidence of this to me is...As a missionary you go into a lot of people's homes.  The contrast between at active members home and a home without the gospel tremendous.  There is nothign better than, after hours of biking in the 100 degree weather, stopping into a members home a literally feeling the love of God.  No matter if I've never met the person or even seen the home, if the home is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, everyone who enters it will be comfortable.

Lastly, the Gospel is true.  The church isn't true, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.   Live by the gospel and you will prosper.

With Love,

Elder Bradford

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