Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kenya Believe It?

I have got my Visa accepted and I leave to Kenya on August 18th at 11:25 AM.   I'm pretty excited!  On Friday we went out to dinner with on of Elder Granado's recent converts.  They took us to get sushi, which was very delightful to me.  Afterwards, we walked around downtown Covina for a bit and we went into a museum that had the history of the town.  It was awesome!  There was a picture on the wall from 1951 of the city.   It was literally all orange groves.  There was maybe two houses and a barn.  The whole place was covered in orange groves and now it is covered in houses.  That is crazy.  There was also a record of the jail inmates from 1946 and I saw the name Bradford in the records!  Eli Bradford was incarcerated for "intoxication".  Haha that was funny.

Everything is going good and this is Elder Granando and I's last week together.  ITS TIME FOR AFRICA.  NAMINAMINA AY AY WAKA WAKA AY AY NAMINAMINA SANCALEGUA .  ITS TIME FOR AFRICA.

 For dad!

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