Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Gift of Tongues

Wow, I've already been in Athi-River for 6 weeks.  Crazy.  That was the fastest 6 weeks of my entire life, seriously.  Things have been going great.  The miracles that Elder Barasa and I have seen in the past two weeks are many.  I'm loving it.   We taught 41 lessons this week and set 5 people with a date for baptism.  The fruit of the work is plentiful her in Athi- River, we are grateful.

Also, my understanding and ability to speak Swahili are increasing at a rapid rate.  I can now talk to someone on the street about their family, the church and the restoration.  Just the basics, but I'm very grateful for the gifts of the Spirit that are helping me speak this crazy language.

Things are going rizuri out here.  IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are reading this, I would like to hear from you.  So write me back, wazee.  Tonight are transfer calls, but I think I will stay here for the next two transfers at least.

Asante sana zuku,

Elder Bradford
KICC with Upper Hill Zone

Upper Hill District:  Elders Pehrson&Nyambita, Maduna &Thomas, Bradford and Barasa, Obika and Qodashe, Sisters Shikuku &Adong

Monday, September 15, 2014


This week we went on a Safari, I felt like Nigel Thornberry.  It was a great time.  I got some good pictures but the computer isn't working well, once again.  haha.  However, I will move forward with faith and when I get to a working computer, I'll upload them.  We found a nice pond deep int he savanna of Athi-River with George (one of the members) and we are going to go fishing there in a couple weeks and catch some Tilapia, I am pumped for that.  I got my first sunburn on the safari as well!  So that's good

The works is moving forward at a rapid pace here in Athi-River.  We are teaching upwards of 30 lessons a week and we have a lot of investigators who are planning to get baptized!  We didn't have a baptism this week

, but we will keep the faith, doe!  Oh!  I ordered pizza earlier in the week because i got my allotment and I was feeling American.  The pizza here is pretty much the same as in the states, greasy and expensive.  It was worth it though.  My tummy felt at home.

This coming week is Zone meeting and rumor has it that afterwards, we will be going to the tallest building in Nairobi to take some pictures.  That would be a "blast" as Nigel Thornberry would say.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nigel Thornberry, google it and this whole email will make a lot more sense.

I love you all, have a good week.  Email me back!  The Gospel is good!

Elder Bradford

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interesting facts from Justin

*Learning Swahili and can contact and talk so somebody now
*Saw two zebras on the way home from a meeting
*Walk 10 miles per day in church shoes
*Misses Lucky 5 lunch Buffet the most
*Curfew at 6pm every night
*Not homesick but would like some "real letters' or a package
*Getting good at ukulele cuz of 6pm curfew
*Read "Jesus The Christ" in 2 weeks
*Comp can speak english but Justin can understand his 5 year old neighbor better than his comp

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


After walking like 15 miles to find a computer that is actually working, we have accomplished our goal.  This week was nice.  We had a baptism on Saturday.  Her name is Annie. She is pretty cool. She is going back to school tomorrow so we won't be able to teach her the recent convert lessons for a while but it's cool.

Africa is crazy different from the USA.  Swahili ninjifunza, ninajaribu.  My Swahili is getting a little bit better.  I can kind of speak to people now, but not really.  All I do is "Smile and wave boys"  haha.

I wish I could send some pictures but I have yet to find a computer capable of doing in in under 3 hours.  One day, one day.  I have some pretty cool pictures in my opinion.

I saw a "Matatu  explode in Nairobi the other day.  It was pretty sweet.  Matatu is just basically a van that is used for public transportation.  The mission president told us we can't use them because terrorists had been plantning bombs inside of them.  I'd much rather walk that be in an exploding van.  Haha.

This week was pretty swell.  TTYL.

Elder B