Tuesday, September 2, 2014


After walking like 15 miles to find a computer that is actually working, we have accomplished our goal.  This week was nice.  We had a baptism on Saturday.  Her name is Annie. She is pretty cool. She is going back to school tomorrow so we won't be able to teach her the recent convert lessons for a while but it's cool.

Africa is crazy different from the USA.  Swahili ninjifunza, ninajaribu.  My Swahili is getting a little bit better.  I can kind of speak to people now, but not really.  All I do is "Smile and wave boys"  haha.

I wish I could send some pictures but I have yet to find a computer capable of doing in in under 3 hours.  One day, one day.  I have some pretty cool pictures in my opinion.

I saw a "Matatu  explode in Nairobi the other day.  It was pretty sweet.  Matatu is just basically a van that is used for public transportation.  The mission president told us we can't use them because terrorists had been plantning bombs inside of them.  I'd much rather walk that be in an exploding van.  Haha.

This week was pretty swell.  TTYL.

Elder B

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