Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week in Kenya

This week was eventful!  Sorry that I haven't been sending out these emails, haha.  It is partly because of an insurmountable lack in responses, so if you could write back it'd be appreciated.

So on Tuesday we just proselyted like normal and had a really good day.  We were able to teach Steven, but he had to postpone his baptism until next week because he was attending a funeral this last weekend.  He chose me to baptize him but I think it is better if a member does it. because members stay, and I leave.

Wednesday was DDM, so, me being the District Leader, I was able to instruct the homies in the district and we had a really good discussion about Obedience.  The meeting went well.

Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Nyambita.  He is a former AP turned ZL for this, his last transfer.  He goes home in two weeks.  He is truly an inspirational man.  He is the perfect example of what i want to be like after my mission.  He taught me a lot and we were able to give a priesthood blessing to an investigator with his whole family present, so that was definitely a positive expereience.  Also, it was the first blessing I have given in my broken Swahili.  But it was better than I expected.   Thursday was a good day.

Friday was zone conference, so we got to hear from President Hicken and Sister Hicken and the Assistant to the President.  Also when I first got here, President Hicken tole me if I memorize his favorite poem, "the Race" he would take me out to dinner so obviously, me wanting a gold ole american burger, memorized the poem and I was able to recite it at the start of zone conference.  I am excited to go to "Spurs Steak house in Nairobi with President!  Zone conference was great though
, I really enjoyed it and it helped me learn more of the culture of the mission and things.  I felt the Spirit a ton this week!

Saturday my comp was sick so we didn't proselyte at all, but I wrote some more songs on my Ukulele, which I always enjoy doing.  I think by the time mission is over I will have a whole album written (ha ha)

All is well here in Kenya!  Things are going good and I am loving the food and the people and everything else about this place.  Stay faithful and Godspeed brethren and Sisteren!

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