Monday, November 3, 2014

Preciate Halloween! I dressed up as "Justin Bradford" and I just wore normal clothes, haha just kidding but it was a good idea. One of the members, George Kasue (The one who likes the beef jerky, thanks by the way) told me happy halloween so that was nice. 

This week was great for me. I think I may have told you last week, but I memorized President Hicken's favorite poem called "The Race." he told me when I arrive that if I memorize it, he will take me out to dinner. So we spent the day at his house playing games and such. There is this game called bochie ball, and we were playing and Elder Thomas (My homie from Arizona) threw one of the balls in the pond on accident. Well, Elder Pehrson, the AP had to get in President Hicken's swimsuit and go in and get it.. hahahaa. It was awesome. Then we went to this wayyy nice steakhouse in Nairobi called The Golden Spur. I felt like I was back in America, haha. It was definitely the highlight of my week. 

This morning we went to a chapel in Westlands, Nairobi Area, and we played soccer with the whole zone. It was a ton of fun. I got a really bad sunburn though hahaha. I also got to play a little bit of Basketball, with a soccer ball though, but even it was a lot of fun! Sad news, we were supposed to have Steven's baptism yesterday, but he didn't show up, and his phone was off. :( It was kind of a bummer, but I think that he was just caught up in work or something, hopefully. AISH! We found this family in Kitengela, (The other ward I cover) and they are so great. The father, Daniel, had a stroke and we were able to give him a priesthood blessing, when we went there, he couldn't speak and his wife was very sad and scared. We gave him the blessing and now he is almost back to full health. The mother is very excited about that and she was grateful sana sana. I can't wait to go back there and teach them. :D

The church is true!

Mzee Bradford

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