Monday, June 22, 2015


This week was super powerful in the land of Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya.  It is always interesting to be in three some companionship.  All laughs and no boring times.  However, Elder Boaz is going back to his area in two days, so it will be Elder Wambete and I left.  Life goes on though.  That's always the motto.

We have this totally prepared family that we are teaching, Meriam, George, Truphosa and Samson.  Truphosa and Samson are the children and they are the ones we first started teaching.  The Lord definitely did his part on these people for sure!  Truphosa likes to cut out the pictures from the pamphlets and tape them in her Book of Mormon.  She marks that thing more than I do!  I really like teaching them.  The other day we had a good lesson with them.  Meriam had a concern about baptism for the dead and she was letting us know about it in a bit of a harsh way.  we told her that we can show her scriptures from the bible all day long and try to convince her, but that won't help at all.  So we invited her to pray.  She agreed to the truth that the Holy Spirit is the one who gives all knowledge so I asked her if we could pray right then and there and she said yes, if I offer it.  We all got down on our knees in the living room of their apartment and asked God to confirm to us the truth of this doctrine, either for the first time or again.  It was one of the most powerful moments on my mission.  The room was dense with the Spirit of the Lord.  A day I will never forget.

Other than that we are trying to fin some new people to teach.  We have a lot of investigators but they aren't that serious.  President Hicken has told us that the Lord has prepared one more family for us in our area.  So we are trying our best to find them.  If you know where they are, let me know!:)

We walk a lot in Kayole but the good thing is, we are always walking with the Savior.  Not only on our nametags but in our hearts, in our mind and by our sides.  BTW I just saw three camels passing on the street, not something you seen in Spanish Fork, UT.  Haha

Hit me back my lovelies.

The one and only, Elder Bradford

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