Monday, July 27, 2015

Transfers (this is from 07/20/15

Well, looks like the Lord wants me to stay in Kayole for the rest of my mission!  Haha.  Elder Wambete got transferred and I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Griffiths from Centerville, UT.  So we are homies.  It will be interesting to see how it is to walk around with another white person.  I am looking forward to seeing many more miracles in this place.  Kayole is a powerful place, the members are great.  6 more week baby!

This work is going forward.  We got a referral from HQ's and he is super powerful.  His name is Festus.  He is a young father.  He was looking at the church online and he knew a ton of facts about the church.  He is cool.  In the Kenya Nairobi Mission we are really focusing on families.  We are making that our number one focus for the rest of the time President Hicken is here.

The work of the Lord is the way to go!


Originally Black African Managing America
Born African, Raised American, Completely Kenyan.

That was the mindset this weekend in Kenya during Potus'visit to the country.  It was definitely something great.  It was cool to see how excited all of the Kenyan people were that he was coming.  Everyone started saying Obama Anakuja" to us.  Which means "Obama is coming."  It was  a nice break from the classic "Mzungu". We bought a goat leg to celebrate.  It was tasty.  He left last night and we were at a members house which had a good view of the airport, so we were able to see Air Force 1 taking off from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport!  Definitely a week to remember.  America Rocks!

Another highlight of the week, we were teaching a referral from Conslate's family and apparently there was  a mentally ill female in the compound.  Not one of the scary mentally ill but the ones that like to make jokes.  It was sad, but she was friendly.  She took us on a tour of kayole. (Like I have never seen it before)  That was a bit weird but people know her so they were looking at us in a strange way.  It was definitely interesting getting a first class escort from her.  The referral we taught is progressing well though. :)  Also, Truphosa and Sam's mother was directly quoted this week saying " I will join you people"  So that made me happy:D

Going to ball it up on the public basketball court tonight, pictures will come next week.  First time playing ball in a loooong time.

The work of the Lord is cool or shall I say, Kewl.

Monday, July 13, 2015


We had a good PDAY today, Elder and Sister Shakespeare (Senior couple) took me and my companion to the Nairobi National Park.  It was my first real "Safari."  I felt like a tourist, it was weird.  However, it was one of the most memorable days of my mission, mostly because of the sheer fun and the great friends.:)

We fed a monkey.  It was coming right up to the care and we gave it some carrots.  (Dave Bradford..insert a joke about how I am also a monkey joke here.)

We saw a ton of giraffes!  They were fighting each other.  Hitting necks back and forth and causing all kinds of ruckus,.  Go look at it on youtube.

We didn't see any lions, but we did see them in captivity afterwards at the animal orphanage.  It was pretty fun day.

As far as the work of the Lord is concerned.  We are consecrating ourselves to it.  We have already sacrifices so much and not it is time to consecrate our lives, choices and efforts to the Lord's work.

Elder Bradford

4TH of July

This week was good.  It was full of American pride, that is for sure.  Oh, and we also had two baptisms!:)  Truphosa and Sam, two of the best investigators ever, were able to make a sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven this week.  The highlight for sure, but the 4th of July burgers were a close second.

I think I am going to be transferred in two weeks, but I am not sure.  I am getting pretty sick of this dusty place called Kayole, but I will go where the Lord wants me to go.  haha.  Kayole has been good to me, but the bush is calling my name and with 7 months left, I need to get there soon before time is far spent.

Please, my fellow Americans, don't take your citizenship in that great country for granted.  I have seen and met with people that idolize the country of America. S ome people here (not everyone) dream to have a life and a family in that place.  Make me proud, and shoot off a firework for me.

Hit me back or something.  Don't do drugs, you'll make it to heaven for sure.

Elder Bradford