Monday, July 27, 2015


Originally Black African Managing America
Born African, Raised American, Completely Kenyan.

That was the mindset this weekend in Kenya during Potus'visit to the country.  It was definitely something great.  It was cool to see how excited all of the Kenyan people were that he was coming.  Everyone started saying Obama Anakuja" to us.  Which means "Obama is coming."  It was  a nice break from the classic "Mzungu". We bought a goat leg to celebrate.  It was tasty.  He left last night and we were at a members house which had a good view of the airport, so we were able to see Air Force 1 taking off from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport!  Definitely a week to remember.  America Rocks!

Another highlight of the week, we were teaching a referral from Conslate's family and apparently there was  a mentally ill female in the compound.  Not one of the scary mentally ill but the ones that like to make jokes.  It was sad, but she was friendly.  She took us on a tour of kayole. (Like I have never seen it before)  That was a bit weird but people know her so they were looking at us in a strange way.  It was definitely interesting getting a first class escort from her.  The referral we taught is progressing well though. :)  Also, Truphosa and Sam's mother was directly quoted this week saying " I will join you people"  So that made me happy:D

Going to ball it up on the public basketball court tonight, pictures will come next week.  First time playing ball in a loooong time.

The work of the Lord is cool or shall I say, Kewl.

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