Monday, August 24, 2015

Fun facts

There are a lot of fun facts in Kenya.  Like if you get sentenced to 1 year in prison it is really 6 months because they count day and night.  You aren't allowed to carry something you have just bought without a bag because it will offend the rest of the people that see you carrying it because they don't have it.  Kenyans believe that the Garden of Eden was in Kenya.  Just a bunch of facts.  (They also use adjectives twice to add emphasis.  Mimi ni mkneya:)

This week was good in Kayole.  We gave a couple people baptismal dates so that is exciting.  This is Elder Griffith's last p-day on a mission, weird eh?  We went and bought ourselves a burger to celebrate.  Oh, a random guy just came in and tried to sell us socks in the cyber cafe by shoving them in our faces and shaking them.  Anyway, our week was good.  Gosh I love Kenya and the Gospel of Christ.  The two are in the process of becoming a match.

Spiritual thought time.
This is a power teaching that I learned from my companion.  All of us are entitled to guidance and revelation in our lives from the Spirit.  We can look at 3 scriptural examples that help us to see the reality of the fact.  The Lord has, for some reason, built many boats in His day.   He helped Nephi do it, helped Noah do it and even Mahonri Moriancumer. He gave them all guidance.  All three of them were in a completely different situation, but all three of them sough revelation form the Lord and His Spirit.  He taught each one of them how to build and the result was a ship, every time.  The three ships were different in size and shape but they were all ships.  the Lord knows how to help us, and if we seek his guidance in our lives, he knows what size and type of ship we need.  This has been one of the biggest blessing to me on the Lord's mission here in kenya.  I have stopped seeing the Holy Ghost as a mystical, mysterious of even fake thing.  He is God's helper and if we desire it, He can be our helper.  I have sure changed my view on the Holy Ghost.   He has become a usable, almost tangible tool in my life.

Love you all, hit me up sometime.

Elder Bradford

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

08/10/15 Week of a thousand mzungus

This week was powerful in the land of Kayole, Kenya.  Elder Griffiths and I are enjoying our time together, and we are seeking the Lord's guidance in every aspect of the work.  Zone Conference was this week, you know what that means?  KFC:)  ha ha.  Great food, both spiritually and physically.  We talked a lot about "Street Boarding"  which is basically putting out a table on the street and giving out books.  Elder G and I have seen a lot of success doing it.  So, we will continue.

As some of you may know, our curfew is 7 pm.  Well, one day, we were a bit late, and the Lord decided to scare us a bit.  We were trying to get home from an appointment and it was about 7:15.  There was no matatu where there usually is one, so we started flagging down person cars.  Car after car went by and no luck.  Eventually one pulled over and opened the door for us.  We hopped in and before we knew it, we were in the care with the most devout Muslim man I have ever seen.  Long beard and everything.  He told us he was from Mogadishu, Somalia which is basically the terror capital of Africa  That was definitely interesting.  However, he was a great guy!  Very friendly.  He even asked about what we believe ad we were able to teach him a little about the Book of Mormon.  We made it home safe as well.

We met some returned missionaries from Ogden, Utah.  They are here doing some service activity or something.  Last week we went and played basketball with them and today we went to a nice American restaurant for lunch with them.  Their names are Ty, Kaylie and Lindsey.  They are powerful.!  It was cool meeting with some homies.  It was also cool playing basketball, although I got blisters all over my feet.  haha