Monday, September 21, 2015

Habari ya hii wiiki


This week was another good one in the Lord's Vineyard.  Gosh, I have the best employer, that's for sure!:)  haha.  Seriously though, this week was super powerful.  I hope to enchant you with the details from such in this electronic mail letter.  We have a lot of work over here in Kayole and we are enjoying the privilege to be instruments in the Lord's hands.

We have 11 people who are preparing to be baptized in the coming weeks.  Janet will be entering the straight and narrow gates in exactly 6 days, so that is exciting.  She is powerful.  Not sure if she started investigating for the right reasons but as it always does, the Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit of the Lord worked in her soul.  It is so awesome to see these powers, which were once mysterious an imagination to me, be revealed and manifest right in front of my eyes!  We also are teaching a girl names Cheryl and her mother Rosemary.  They are two of the nicest people I have met in my earthly experience.  They are preparing to make a covenant with God on the 4th of October.  We will see if it will be possible because Cheryl is going off to school.  The 4th might not happen but I know the covenant will be made, which fills me with exultation!  So, it will fill them with exaltation!:)  The work of the Lord is wonderful.

We also had Mission Leadership Council this last week.  It was super powerful.  President Hicken asked us all a question during one of the topics of counsel.  "Can you repent in jail?"  At first I though, "Hmmm, yes, I think"  He elaborated the answer to us.  It is literally impossible to repent if in jail.   yes, God and will forgive you of the sins you may have committed.  However, you cannot fully repent.  You don't have the option ot use your agency in jail which restricts your ability to prove to God and to yourself that you have fully changed.  that element brings full forgiveness and complete repentance.  One thing I have learned is that repentance is not just forgiveness and sorrow.  Repentance is about what you do AFTER you are forgiven.  Repentance is the change you make and the person you become.  Repentance is progression.

I love you all:)  Here are some photos of the best time of my life.  Write me back doe.

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