Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Questions for the AP

Do you fly anywhere to take care of business in the mission?  I haven't yet, but I will during zone conference.  We will fly to Dar Es Sallam, Tanzania.  What is the most stuff that you do for the president?  Yesterday we had a meeting and planned for Mission Leadership council.  There are certain forms pertaining to the work of the missionaries (how long in their areas, interviews etc)  That I do a lot.  But today we are going to dinner at a really nice Chinese restaurant.  So that should be fun!  Do you still get to proselyte or is it other work that the MP has you do?  Yeah we proselyte.  Our are is Riruta.  We are in the office Monday and Friday, and every other day is proselyting.  Is it scary driving the car in Nairobi?  Yes, I got pulled over on my 2nd day driving.  I made a wrong turn, but there was no sign.  Well 1,000 KSH and I was out of that one. ha ha.   Are you ever going to be able to go out to the bush to visit elders?  Yes, we will go on exchanges to the bush.  I am pumped for that one!  Do you take or pick up sick elders?  yes, tooooooo much.   Are you in charge of Zone conference now or any type of conferences?  Mission Leadership Council and and Zone conferences.  Are you stressed out?  Not really.  Is the office staff awesome?  Yes.  Elder and Sister Christensen from WA are the coolest couple ever.  I love them.

I am doing well.
 Me and my future wife out for a walk on the town.  #GQ

Found a movie theatre in Kenya

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