Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 21, 2015

Hi Mom,

Sorry I didn't get enough time to email yesterday.  This week is transfers, so things are pretty busy around here.

We went to Spur Steak House with President last night.  It was very yummy.  We are doing well in our area.  We are teaching a family from Burundi and they will be getting baptized on this coming Sunday.  There is also another family that we are teaching.  I wrote you a handwritten letter about them so I don't want to tell you about them right now.  The rumor has it that Riruta is the strongest ward in the country, and I believe it because we had over 170 people at sacrament meeting last week.  It is super powerful.  We don't get too much time to proselyte because of all the things with office work and such, but we are trying our best to fulfill our purpose, that's for sure.

My companion, Elder Makau, is a super good guy.  He is very humble.  He is from the same tribe as Stephen, so they both speak kikamba!  Watindata! Nesa!  Ha ha.  We are having a lot of fun out here.  This is his last transfer and after he goes home, it will be my last transfer, so we are sprinting to the end!

Oh, I will be sending you another person from Kenya!  Her name is Misty Thompson, she is planning to live here in the future and she came to check things out and to buy a house.  I think she is from Tooele, but I am not sure.  I will send her with some gifts and some other things.  She is a very nice lady.  If you get a chance, please let her experience the beauty and majesty of Lucky 5 Chinese Restaurant.  Soon I will be sending myself home.

Elder Bradford

November 14, 2015

These people totally googled "gospel", found this photo, printed it out and put it on their bus.  (ha ha)

Mom:  Is your companion awesome?
Justin:  Yeah my companion is way cool.  Very humble.  He likes to laugh and he always understands everything.  He is powerful.  Driving is still boring.

Mom:  Any other place you want me to take Stephen while he is here in Spanish Fork?
Justin:  Lucky 5 is the place that every person on this earth needs to be before they die.

November 7, 2014

Mom:  How was Kilungu Hills?
Justin:  It was powerful.  We slaughtered a chicken!  We were in the bush for a day.  Not very long.
Mom:  How was meeting Elder Ellis from the Seventy?
Justin:  Elder Ellis is my homie.  We talked for like 10 minutes.  He is way cool

Mom:  How is your swahili? (He has been learning it just for fun since he arrived)
Justin:  It is good.  I haven't had a problem there.

Mom:  Are you liking being AP?
Justin:  Yeah it is fun.  It is pretty stressful sometimes.  We will get 7 new missionaries in two weeks, then the next transfer 10.  I will be home when they start getting 15-20 each transfer.  President has been working really hard with immigration.  President is powerful.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Family and Friends 10/31/15

I have been pretty lazy on these weekly emails, However, the Spirit prompted me to send out this one!  So, here we go.  Buckle Up.

Well, I scratched the mission vehicle a little bit. Nothing a little buffing can't fix!  It wasn't really my fault though, I just blame it on the essence of Nairobi.  We did have a good week though.  This week we have MLC and we are going to KILUNGU HILLS (the bush)!  Yes, that is right.  I am leaving Nairobi for the first time in my mission. :)  MLC should be super powerful.  we are going to watch a talk from Elder Holland, it will be nice.  We are also meeting with Elder Ellis tonight, we might go to dinner with him.  That is a member of the Seventy in case you didn't know.  We are continuing to teach Olivier and his family.  They are super powerful.  We had a baptism last Sunday, we have a baptism tomorrow and we are having one next Sunday.  The work of the Lord is progressing in Kenya, that's for sure!

The other day I was reading in Matthew 3 about Jesus' baptism.  I had a super spiritual experience when I realized this powerful teaching.  Jesus 1.  Fulfilled all righteousness 2.  Received the Spirit in the form of a dove 3.  Heard a voice from heaven (God).  IMAGINE THE INFLUENCE OF THE SPIRIT DURING THAT TIME.  It must have been amazing.  I am sure everyone there had the Holy Spirit engulf their heart.  I can't imagine.  The baptism of the Son of God, oh how I wish I could have been there to experience it.  IMAGINE HOW JESUS FELT.  I am sure that it was so influential  on His mortal mission, that it overall helped Him to fulfill His calling and His purposed in this life.  I imagine He felt like He was doing the will of the His father, which He was.  he himself and everyone else heard the voice of God.  That event proves to me the reality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Then I read chapter 4.  Right after the mega Spiritual experience, JESUS is tempted.  Right after.  He didn't get a chance to thrive on the feeling or even think about the covenant.  he was tempted by the devil immediately.  However, He stayed true to the covenant that He made.  He didn't give in.  One of the things I learned from this is that we may have a super powerful experience, but the temptation will never stop.  We all need to learn how to remember, rekindle and re-encounter those Spiritual experiences during the time of temptation.

That's what I learned this week.  Here are some photos!  Write me back pls.