Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 7, 2014

Mom:  How was Kilungu Hills?
Justin:  It was powerful.  We slaughtered a chicken!  We were in the bush for a day.  Not very long.
Mom:  How was meeting Elder Ellis from the Seventy?
Justin:  Elder Ellis is my homie.  We talked for like 10 minutes.  He is way cool

Mom:  How is your swahili? (He has been learning it just for fun since he arrived)
Justin:  It is good.  I haven't had a problem there.

Mom:  Are you liking being AP?
Justin:  Yeah it is fun.  It is pretty stressful sometimes.  We will get 7 new missionaries in two weeks, then the next transfer 10.  I will be home when they start getting 15-20 each transfer.  President has been working really hard with immigration.  President is powerful.

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