Monday, December 7, 2015

December 5, 2015

Me:  I am having a tough time remembering Saturday is your pday
Justin:  Even me, because we hardly have a pday.  We are so busy.

Justin:  Did you send in some college applications?

Justin:  I miss Christmas.  20 days until we get to skype!  That is a good Christmas present for me.
I wrote Santa a letter that had Iphone 6 on it.  Just sayin:)   I am learning responsibility a lot, especially in the office.  I enjoy being held accountable.  I forget things sometimes but I am trying to become better and be responsible for everything.  I have learned a lot working so closely with President Hicken.

The other day he started reading out of handbook 2.  It was completely random and there was no reason for it.  He read the things to us about abortion and artificial insemination and birth control..things like that.  I had read them before, so I had an idea of the Church's policy on them but it was a good reminder.  The next day while in a lesson with one of our best investigators, she asked questions about those exact matters.  We were able to tell her the Church's exact stand of those things because it was fresh on our mind.  we don't study those things often but President was guided by God to remind us.  I know that man is called of God.

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Elder Bradford

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