Monday, December 7, 2015

November 28, 2015

We saw POPE FRANCIS!  I saw his face.  Literally saw his face.  He drove past our house.  Haha.  We live on State House road and he was heading to the state house.

I told Justin that my dad doesn't want me to travel to Kenya.  His response:
Kenya is completely safe.  There is a small chance that anything will happen.  I have not once felt in danger here.

Me:  Are there any missionaries from the USA coming to Kenya?
Justin: Yes, there is an elder named Elder lotulelei, but he won't come until Tuesday because of the Pope

Me: Did you get the pics;
Justin:  yeah I got all of them!  Kayden is huge.  Preciate the shoe game (ha ha)

Me:  Did you have Thanksgiving at all?
Justin:  The couple missionaries brought us a piece of pumpkin pie and some rolls .

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